This weekend the reworked 'new' body was ready at the paint shop so I went to look how it's worked out. All flaws have been solved, it looks awesome in this color:

Here the tectyl wax is being put on, hence the plastic cover underneath the car.

And under the bonnet:


Note the VIN: It is supposed to look that way, only primer. Next Friday it will be transported to our own garage and we can start mounting stuff again.

I was lucky Edwin's 2002 tii Alpina was nearby, it's been restored perfectly (and for those who followed my projekt: Toyo TEO's are mounted so that's probably the tire I'll go for anyway as they are 250 euros cheaper. Each!):


That way I could quickly take pictures of where all the factory stickers belong:

I've found a German company which reproduces these and I already have them at home. I only miss the 'Ausenlackierung: Inka Orange'. I'll probably end up having that made myself.