My weekend in three acts.

The four year old rattle-can paint job on the bumpers of my xB were looking pretty faded & chipped, and the snow this winter bashed them up pretty good as well. So they got pulled off & apart, scuffed and repainted.

Then I re-assembled them and re-installed them


missing tow cap is because I forgot to repaint it.

Next up was doing a better fix of the damage to my partner’s car from when she spun out into a ditch this winter. It was sleeting when she came by after being towed out so I could patch it up. So we pulled the impacted snow & dislodged grille out from where they were getting overly friendly with the condenser, and used the first zip-ties we could find to patch it up.


Now that the weather was nice I pulled it apart and did a cleaner job of fixing it. It isn’t perfect, but given she bought the xA without a single panel without dings & dents it is good enough. I also found the grille where I’d stored it during the winter and re-installed it.

Grille not yet installed at this point

We also stopped at pick’n pull for a replacement charcoal canister for her car. Given it is the same age as the one that failed in her car we don’t have high hopes for it. but for $20 vs $160 new it is worth a shot. While we were there I found a barely worn carpet to fit my xB. I snapped it up for $22 as my current carpet looked like this.


The replacement carpet came out of a dog-owner’s car, and the accident that totaled it had thrown windshield glass everywhere. So It got a vacuum...


And a powerwashing.

I then pulled out the old carpet. I found no rust surprises, thank god. You can also see where I ran out of sound deadener when I worked to quiet this thing 8 years ago. I had some deadener purchased for another car since, so I finally finished this project off.


Then in went the new carpet, along with doing my best to scrub some of the grime off all the removed trim panels. I then threw in a spare set of scion floor mats. Unfortunately in the time since I stored them away 5+ years ago, I forgot they needed a wash. I’d already put the power washer away at this point, so they’ll get a clean when next I drag it out of the basement.

center console was still out drying, it was *nasty* once I pulled it apart.


End result, my xB looks better inside & out(but still needs a massive detailing), her xA looks less broken and works better. All in all, a productive weekend.