Painting Time

The 931 is going in for a full-on respray in the next week or so. Gotta get it ready by removing all the trim I can and mask all the things I don’t want painted. I thought about repainting it the original Dolomite Grey, then I remembered the blue interior, I’ve already said F*** originality. So I’m gonna do it my way.

I’ve chosen to stick with Porsche colors, and since I hate metallics, solid ones only. And to go with the interior, I’m down to two.


The first is Monaco Blue. A pastel blue offered from 1980-1983. And an ironic companion to my Grabber Blue Mustang.

The second is Slate Grey. Not the metallic version, but the solid version offered throughout the 60s and quite possibly Porsche’s most iconic neutral color. Above is Steve McQueen’s 930, his last special ordered car that’s in Slate.


Honestly, I can go either way.

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