Paintwork question

The time has come for me to drag the '85 Scirocco out of storage. It's a genuine barn find with only 38,000 miles on the clock, and although it has some fueling issues that need sorting, it drives like a brand-new car. The problem is, the paint on it is shockingly bad – the clear coat is peeling off in sheets on one side, and is badly pitted on the roof and bonnet.

I would love to one day have it looking as good as it drives, but I have no idea at all about paint and bodywork. The paint underneath looks okay – would it be possible to somehow remove the clear coat and reapply it, or will it need to be stripped back to the metal? There are a couple of dents here and there, but there's not a spot of rust on the car, and I'd quite like to keep it that way.


I realise that there is absolutely no way that a paint job would make financial sense, but does anybody have any idea what kind of cost to expect? It's just such a shame to have a car that's mechanically so good to be let down by some pretty terrible cosmetics.

Here's a photograph of the car in question – that's the 'good' side of it – the other side is much worse.

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