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I had noticed the coolant overflow bottle was dropping, and there was wiff of coolant from time-to-time. Some poking around revealed the slow coolant leak to be a weeping water pump. A fresh water pump and radiator hoses were on the project list anyway, so they just got bumped up to the top.

Because Caterpillar used this Mitsubishi diesel engine in a number of small skid steers and excavators, the easiest way to get a new water pump was to order one for a “Caterpillar E306" and have it sent my way from a seller in California. Finding new radiator hoses took a bit more research, but I’ve got a new OEM set coming my way to me from the UAE. The parts sellers in the UK that have them wanted a lot more for shipping than the guy in the UAE.

Illustration for article titled Pajero Update: first project identified

The front skid plates being off provides the ideal opportunity to put some fresh gear oil in the front differential. I was happy to see some very clean oil come out of it. Later this afternoon I’ll venture out and get some new copper crush washers for the drain and fill plugs and some fresh synthetic gear oil.

I consider this kind of thing an expected part of putting a very low mileage, but still 25 year old, truck back into regular use. Based of my shakedown of it so far, it should be adventure ready after the cooling system refresh. There are certainly other things on the to do list, but none of them urgent or reliability concerns.

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