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Palmar-Plantar Erythrodysesthesia

A little music for your Friday morning.

I fully understand her metaphor, but the title/refrain seems to hit a little close to home right now, in a sense that’s closer to the literal than the figurative. Thanks to capecitabine I get to try all sorts of new experiences whether I want to or not, and this is just the latest. There doesn’t seem to be enough cushioning to improve things, so for the time being I shall choose to remain horizontal.


I feel a little bad when I have to use those motorized carts at stores because I always think that there’s someone who needs them more than me (although most of the people I see using them are morbidly obese). As a result, I have been doing my shopping either late at night or early in the morning at stores that are open 24 hours, even if it means a bit of a drive.

This is just temporary and for the greater good and so I shall carry on despite the pain. Time to find those reusable ice packs for a little relief, wishing that they were thin enough to use as insoles...

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