Last night, I was in bed around midnight, and had just about drifted off to sleep, when suddenly my heart surged violently. Out of nowhere, it started beating like it was about to jump out of my chest. So much so that I could hardly catch my breath. It was a very scary experience, and it took another half-hour for my nerves to settle down again. A little research shows that this is probably a heart palpitation, which isn't always serious, but can be, depending on the situation.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? I'm young and don't have any existing conditions, maybe some stress, but my blood pressure is and always has been normal. I'm going to the doctor this afternoon to be on the safe side, but if anyone has felt anything like this before, I'd like to know. A coworker told me she had a similar experience, and she had to be hospitalized because her heart actually stopped twice. Hearing that was enough to freak me out.