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Panther Lovers: Look Away

So it's been three years since the Lincoln Town Car stopped production, and consequently three years of head-scratching over the point of the Cadillac XTS and Lincoln's own MKT (more than three years in Lincoln's case), even after they continue to push livery versions. In Manhattan, I've seen a good number of Town Cars still going, along with GMT900 SUVs (Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon Denalis/Escalades) and a growing number of black W221s S550 4Matics, but really no XTS examples and only one MKT hearse conversion in beige (groans as it's read). Don't know much about other cities or how actual livery drivers feel, though.

Is there a new clear favorite for livery/limo drivers to beat to 200,000 miles and beyond?


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