My 1999 Town Car is acting up. At the moment it idles a little rough, the fuel pump seems noisy, and I only get power up to 1/4 throttle or so. I just noticed the power issue this morning on the way to work. (Update: barely made it home at lunch! Barely accelerating. Feels like it bogs down at more than very partial throttle. Gas mileage is 10mpg average since this morning.)

But here’s the thing, I just worked on the evap canister, and I can’t believe that the current issue isn’t related somehow.

Here’s what led up to where we are now. For months I’ve had an issue filling the tank. I would have to slowly fill the tank with gas because if I went too fast, gas would fill up in the neck and shut off the pump. It was very annoying. I assumed it was the “anti siphon valve” in the neck that was the problem. I didn’t know what it looked like and I thought maybe it was sticking.

This weekend I decided to finally pull the neck out and fix it. Well the anti siphon valve seemed like it was fine, but it was easily removable, so that’s what I did. I then drove to the gas station to try filling the tank. Wow! Now when I pumped the gas in it comes blasting back out the fill neck! The anti-siphon valve was not the problem.

It turns out that it was the evap system purge valve that was clogged up. For panthers of this vintage it is next to the evap canister which is on the underside of the trunk. When I pulled the canister it had a bunch of water in it and the purge valve was full of gunk. I drained the canister and let it sit out in the sun for a day and cleaned the valve.

Moment of truth! I put the car back together and crossed my fingers. I drove to the gas station and was able to fill the tank without problems! Yay! Except, the idle was getting rougher and then I noticed the lack of power.