I like to encourage my kids (at least the 4-year-old and 2.5-year-old) to try new foods. Tonight’s new food: papaya. Given that we live in Canada, I really have no idea how a good papaya is supposed to taste, let alone how to pick a good one at the grocery store. I did spend two weeks in southeast Asia, and had some there that was hit or miss. A few weeks ago we tried dragon fruit, and they were okay with that. But the papaya? I knew as soon as I started cutting it up that it was going to be... interesting. Mrs. BaconSandwich was the first to try it. (She said it was disgusting). Despite that, the kids still tried it. Looks of disgust round. I admit, the flavour was... odd. It reminded me of the smell of a dirty diaper. I managed to eat a small piece, but I am thinking that either we picked a bad one, or it just tastes bad.

For those of you in more tropical regions - how is papaya supposed to taste?

(At least I’ve got to give the kids credit this time. They actually surprised me by trying it. Getting these kids to try new foods is an exercise in patience/frustration.)


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