So, mentioned a project I was working on a bit ago.. It was pop-up cards for some friends that I was making... One a birthday, the other a “get better” card for a close friend undergoing some serious surgery (she’s recovering perfectly btw...!).

But thought I’d show my work since I think it’s pretty cool...

Figuring out how the sailboat card is going to come together.. Completed “Feel Better” card in the background..
Cutting the background with its “pop-up” structure.
Now cutting out the different elements to be mounted to the pop-up steps.


Land mass trimmed and complete.
Muh Sailboat!!! Was gonna do a Ketch with a hammock hanging from the mizzenmast boom, but time constraints...


Tropical islands need sunshine.
Boat, placard and some ocean ‘swells” added....


Now just attaching the outer cover to the card....

The Results:

“Sail Boat” Card:

“Feel Better” Card: