Driving the Mini after everything that’s happened, I’m so paranoid of every little thing, haha.

“Is clutch chatter like this supposed to be a normal part of converting from a dual-mass flywheel to a single mass? I know people say it is, but still...”

“Did my engine always have this much vibration...?”

“Were my injectors always this loud...?”

“Why is my evap purge canister tapping like that? Is it because the car sat for so long...?

“What about what little stripe of flat rubber with the groove in it that was left over at the end of everything? We couldn’t figure out what is was for. Was it important? It was only like, 6" long...where could it possibly even go?”

“Is my car down on power? Do I have a vacuum leak? It’s not throwing any codes, though. Is this how much power it used to have? I can’t remember!”

“What’s that noise...?”

“What is causing that rattle...?”

“....nevermind, that rattle’s always been there.”