I’ve basically just been informed that I will now be spending at least one day of my weekend at my parents attempting to wade thru a computer recovery due to a recent lightning storm. The computer was on a surge strip, but I don’t have a whole lot of faith in those things, and based on attempting to talk my mom through troubleshooting via text message, I think it’s a goner. Naturally this is the computer that has all the tax information for my dad’s business and they need to get it to the accountant soon so this has become an emergency.

Now, let me pause here and say that I love my parents, I truly do. I try very hard to recognize they weren’t raised with technology in the same way I was and cut them some slack. But really, this whole parents throwing technology at their kids and going “make it work” trope is getting tired. Troubleshooting got nowhere and I told her that it’s probably dead. So she just starts throwing out suggestions like:

  • “Oh, well just put it on my laptop!” Yeah, her Macbook (nevermind there isn’t a Mac version of the software) that’s from 10 years ago and doesn’t have a battery so it dies if you accidentally bump the power plug.
  • “Well how about your father’s computer?” Oh, the Windows 10 machine we just got him? I’m sure 19 year old tax software is compatible with that. (As an aside, F&#@ Windows 10 - I’d rather eat a bowl full of glass than use that on a daily basis)
  • “Well just put it on your computer!” I don’t think you understand how a computer works at all! Maybe I should take all the computers in the house and light them on fire. No one under this roof deserves this level of technology.

It just frustrates the hell out of me because I have been imploring them to take a computer class, or at least watch some YouTube videos. Hell, just google stuff! Anything! And for the love of god, back stuff up! I’ve repeatedly shown then how to do this and they just... DON’T! Not that I’m too surprised, they switched to filing quarterly, and literally ever quarter I have to go show my mom how to put the tax information on a USB drive. Like you plug in a USB stick, and drag one file. The only simpler operation there is on a computer is turning it the F!%# ON!

I’m to the point I just can’t even. If you need me this weekend I’ll be in my rack, passed out drunk.