Parents bearing gifts.

My fatherand i frequented the Indianapolis speedway from his grade school years all the way through my post college years and share appreciation of all things indy500. He saw the rear engine revolution. He heard the Novi thunder. He saw turbine cars. We saw pole day together from 86 to maybe 08. I’m not one for collectibles i cant consume, therefore Im not sure what to do with this.


In celebrating the 100th running of the 500 from a company that started making vodka eight years ago, i wonder why they made this? Fuzzy Zoeller lives in Indiana and state law mandates he like the 500 so of course he got involved in the commercial side. But a part of me demands a commercial commerative product have something to do with the previous 100 years. However thats just me.

Im not a vodka guy. My dad isnt an alcohol guy at all but he is a collectable guy. I guess Vodka doesnt really go bad so i could just keep it. But im not a clutter guy either (just moved and vowed to never clutter again) so keeping a “collectable” ill never drink is against that.

Ill keep it but i dont know what to do with it. For now, its neat.

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