Is there something about procreation that makes your asshole pucker and your brain forget that you were once a stupid kid yourself? Work situation made me think of this...

A customer came in - an executive at a media company in Charlotte - and he just bought his 16 year old son a new Camaro SS. It’s the SS1 with cloth interior and the kid wants red leather. He saved up a couple grand this summer working at Auto Bell and his dad said he could get leather and wheels for it. Fair enough.

Got a text from the boss saying, “we’re trying to sell this kid on black leather.”

Anyway the guy and his son pull up in this black Camaro, 6-speed SS. The dad starts trying to talk about how the black leather is better and how it’s better for resale value. Mind you, the man just spent $37k on a 400+ horsepower muscle car for a 16 year old. I was thinking “there’s no way that car is going to make it long enough to worry about trading it in.”

The kid asks to see the colors we have. So I show him the leather swatches and he eyes the 075 Bright Red with the anticipatory glee of someone who is already envisioning his car seats wrapped in red leather.


A 2014 Accord Sport we did right after I started working at the shop

Anyway the kid has it good, and he knows it. And the dad is pooh-pooing the red leather. And as he spoke it reminded me of the dads at all-ages shows that I worked as a bouncer. I could almost hear him saying,”I wasn’t this stupid as a teenager.”


Shut the fuck up. Yes you were. We all were. It’s part of growing up. You make a dumb choice, you do stupid shit, and hopefully you learn your lesson and move on.

Make the irrational choice that makes you happy instead of the safe one that you can kinda live with. If you spend your youth playing it safe, you end up standing in the back during the intermission of your daughter’s dance recital, talking with the other dads about lawn mowers. I’d rather die.