I just had to run to the bank real quick on my motorcycle, and I noticed that a prime parking space was sort of available as an @$$hat's G35 Coupe was sitting across two parking spaces. Not perfectly across them but at least the full tire width over the line. I pulled my bike in on the passenger side and set it on the kickstand. Perfectly in the center of the space.

I just walked away from the bike when @$$hat and his girlfriend walked out of the bank; so, no photo of the hilarity, but the girlfriend had to ask him to pull the car forward into the space more in order for her to get into the passenger door.

He left in a bit of an irritated sounding manner. The poor guy's plan to keep his car totally safe was ruined. I would bet that he was really pissed at the girlfriend as she slammed her door shut.

Throughout the whole thing I just stood with my back to them at the ATM 10 feet away. Priceless.

The car looked about like this, but it had the badges removed.