Parker got his ass kicked in a stupid contest. Parker was allowed to drive for 3:02.370. Vettel was allowed to drive for 4:10.920. Of course Vettel drove further than Parker. Their average speed was nearly the same, but trying to compare the two is stupid as well.

Vettel averaged 125.51kph.

Parker averaged 123.20kph.

Pan averaged 109.48kph.

Vettel and Pan ran nearly the same amount of time. The thing is if Parker was about to head through La Source to Les Combes that would have significantly increased his average speed. However if he was about to go from Les Combes to Blanchimont the average speed would likely have dropped.

The winner was determined by the internet popularity contest and trying to compare the performance of Parker vs. Vettel is impossible because the average speed over the next 60 seconds could have been significantly different than his average speed for the previous 3 minutes. I would love to know where Parker was when he ran out of time. Anywhere near the start of the lap and I think he might have beat Vettel.