I work at a university where there are numerous small parking lots, and a few big ones. I work in a building that’s only really near to one of the smallest lots. While I don’t mind a nice walk, I drop off and pick up my kids every day, so not only do I get to work after most, I’m usually pushing my luck as far as being punctual - so parking close counts.

Now, there is one space in the nearest lot reserved for a service vehicle belonging to my department. The guys who use it all day don’t need to park there during the hours in which I work. I’m friends with them and they said, “go right ahead and park there, we’ll just call you if we need it moved, but that’s almost never between 8 and 4:30.” I work 9 to 3.


So I get to work long after the lot is “filled.” I get the best spot (it happens to be on the end, and the closest to my building, not that that part matters). The design of the lot is such that no one backs out of their space toward the corner, either.

And that’s not all! The person who typically parks in the next space over is someone who lives on campus, so she almost never moves her car, and, AND! it’s a small Nissan Versa anyway.

So I basically have a reserved, personal parking space, for the exact hours I need it, and it’s next to a small car that never moves. You could park a priceless gullwing Mercedes there, and it would be totally safe. You could probably fit two Nissan Versas in the space, it’s extra wide.

I’m milking this for as long as possible. Just so long as roundbadge doesn’t come to work here.


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