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Parking brake headache

Hey all.

Over the weekend I was working on putting new rotors and pads on the vette. I’ve been having issues with parking brake shoes.


A) they are a bitch to install. Spring keeps jumping out and they don’t hold well.

B) Adjustment is a guesswork at best.

Parking shoes vary in configuration. There is the horseshoe design... and then they had a different version where the horseshoe is cut in half.

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They are sort of similar to these. Instead of a retaining bracket, I have a spring that holds the shoes in place. The new set I put on is same as above, but cut in half and one half fits into the other to make install a bit easier.


Anyway. They are crap. Absolute garbage.

Is there an alternative to parking brake for C5 vettes? Something more heavy duty? Something that won’t disintegrate if you drive over 5mph with brakes on?


I had an 03 suburban that used very similar parking brake system and those fell apart if you went over 5mph with brakes on.

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