Illustration for article titled Parking is hard when youre a truck owner.

New rule: if you can’t maneuver your vehicle at 0mph, you shouldn’t be driving it at any higher speed either.


Have to state though, idiot truck driver was parked before me. But they were parked in a compact spot, the spot they were edged majorly into was the only free spot in the shade, and my car doesn’t have AC. I wasn’t going to suffer because somebody else is too shit at parking their vehicle. Kind of surprised they weren’t ticketed because the rear end of the truck was sticking about five feet out into the lane as well being way over the line.

Amazingly, they returned at the same time I did, so I decided to stand a couple spots away and see if they could make it out without scraping the car up (and to prevent myself from walking up and blurting snide remarks, as while I usually have lots of patience for stupid people, I really haven’t had any for the past week).

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