Two days in a row, I’ve spoken to people who can’t seem to get their cars parked between these yellow lines. There’s not much they will tow for in our garage, but not parking between the lines is one of them.

There’s plenty of space to maneuver, but the top of the ramp is off to the right, so taking your time getting into one of these spaces can cause a traffic jam.

The first one was a young lady who centered her car over the right line. When she got out, I warned her about getting towed, then watched her as she moved her RAV4 over to straddle the middle line. When she got out again, I pointed out that she was still over the line. She had to keep the driver’s door open and pull back and forth three or four times to get her car in between the lines. I can only assume she was distracted by the phone in her hand and the earbuds in her ears.

The next day I watched as an older lady pulled into a different spot, then decided to relocate to the section above. She also parked straddling the center line. I spoke with her briefly about the possibility of getting towed. She was mad that “they didn’t provide enough room” for her to park her 4-Runner, but she managed to get it between the lines on the second try.


I normally park between a couple of columns just a few spaces away. In the WRX, it’s an easy fit. With a little caution, even my wife’s Explorer fits fine.


This is why I have no sympathy for people who can’t seem to park their cars between the lines.


Plenty of room!