So I ran out to get some double-sided tape to keep our cats off our couch, and as I’m leaving the parking lot, I come to an “intersection,” which is a four-way stop in the parking lot. I get there shortly after a guy who wants to turn left from the oncoming lane, so like a good citizen driver, I stop and let him go. Then, it’s my turn to go.

I start to drive and then some moron in a black Patriot flies up to the stop sign on my right without any sign of slowing or any indication that he knows there’s a stop sign there at all. So, I hit the brakes and the horn. Jackass starts yelling and gesticulating inside his car, so I point out the stop sign. He’s stopped now, so I proceed on my way, but right after the intersection is a light to turn onto the street, and I have to stop again.

Mr. Patriot pulls up next to me and starts yelling about how I’m such a jackass for honking and “just ‘cause I didn’t look like I was gonna stop doesn’t mean I wasn’t gonna stop.” (Yeah, this is basically what he said.). I’m kind of flabbergasted by the situation - he’s the one who almost hit me, and he’s mad? Anyway, he yelled at me for ten seconds or so, trying to taunt me into a fight or something (I’m 6’3” and 230lb, he looked like he was maybe 5’3” and 230lb).

I just told him to shut up and drove off, but I’m still pissed off about the situation. I just can’t understand the mindset of these drivers who aren’t paying the slightest attention and yet still somehow get offended when someone honks at them for not paying attention. I would fully support legislation to make it much more difficult to obtain a driver’s license.