Parking @ Work - A Rant: Part... 3?

Gather ‘round, children! It’s time for another installment of Parking @ Work - A Rant.

Land of Reserved Spaces

The parking lot adjacent to my building has been closed for nearly a year for construction. Finally, it reopened today but not in the way I expected. It seems that The Powers That Be do not want the proletariat like me parking near them. Sure, some of the Higher Ups that I share the building with have their reserved spaces. But even those who used to have spaces in this lot, no longer do. They’re still across and down the street where they were moved at the beginning of construction. I guess they weren’t deemed important enough to get moved back? Because it wasn’t due to lack of space.


So what about those remaining spaces? Open to anyone? Reserved for someone else? NEITHER! They created SIX “30 Minute Parking Only” spaces, for a building that just doesn’t get that many visitors coming by car. Students walk here. Admissions is elsewhere. Why are there so many 30-minute spaces?

I guess I’ll just get used to this view of empty spaces, after I walk 5-10 minutes from the only lots that have spaces available when I get in around 9:00 am most days during the school year.

Oh yes, that’s a Buick Rainier over there. Bask in its glory.


Two of the spaces (second pic, bottom left) have sign posts but no signs (yet). I’m sure they’ll find a way, though, to keep them from being used - “Parking for Convicted Felons Only” or something. At least at the moment, ONE of the guest parking spaces is utilized (Mitsubishi, above). UPDATE: I looked outside before hitting publish and the Mitsu is gone.

You know who WILL use these spaces? Students who are too lazy to walk to class, who will park there for hours on end knowing enforcement can’t really keep track of the “30 minute” rule in place. We have parking for commuter students. Lots of it. It’s never full. We don’t need to give them this loophole.


You know what? I’ll use these spaces when I arrive during a total downpour and would otherwise have to walk half a mile in the pouring rain. No one writes tickets in the pouring rain anyway. There we go, silver lining found!

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