Parody HOV Lane Access Sticker: It's here (Repost for Lunchtime Crowd)

Illustration for article titled Parody HOV Lane Access Sticker: Its here (Repost for Lunchtime Crowd)

Well, here it is, guys! Big thanks to nFamousCJ for supplying the base template for the tire smoke as well. These puppies will run you $2.50 USD (£1.65 GBP, €2.29 EUR, $3.15 CAD, or $3.33 AUD) and, according to RedBubble,

  • Waterproof vinyl, will last 18 months outdoors
  • Ideal for smooth flat surfaces like laptops, journals, windows etc.
  • Easy to remove
  • 50% discounts on all orders of any 6+

I’ve made almost $15 on my other stuff, and once I get to $20, I get paid. Your support is greatly appreciate.


CA Residents: I assume no responsibility for any run-ins with the law that this sticker may cause.

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