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Parsch Shketch this morning

Practicing animating sketches again. Lots of 944s around, which I have never liked (always more of an RX-7 guy, myself), but, hey, Radwood Austin is Saturday, so let’s get back on it.


What if Porsche did an electric coupe in like 1985, for now-ish?

Who knows. I gotta get back to work now and bang out some incontrovertible renderings for a client in CAD, rendering, and animation. This is what I doodled while waiting for the news. It’s not perfect, and it ain’t gonna be. Best I could do in 2 hours start-to-finish. But I’m thankful for a little time to doodle.


Next up will be some questions for anyone out there using Surface Books. I’m suddenly very worried about a graphics-card failure, and while I’m doing these renders, I’m backing up the SB2, because it’s started to make some weird noises while I’m doing Solidworks, and it’s doing some weird blinking while I’m sketching in PS. This is the computer version of mechanical sympathy.

Anyone going to Radwood Austin this weekend? I’m gonna go, and my daughter wants to go, too. Pretty psyched about it, since I missed it last year.

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