Parsh Friday

I stopped by the Poor-shuh dealer out of curiosity and found that a 718 Cayman fit well, had good visibility, but no storage space in the cabin. Did not drive one but told the salesman he was allowed to call me if he found a good used one.


As I was leaving, guy pulls up in a 911 GT3RS. I chat briefly with him and establish that even though he points out the carbon fiber seats and plans to replace the steering wheel with a carbon fiber one, this is not something that he will ever race, but rather is his weekend toy to take to car shows and an investment. Takes all kinds, I suppose, in order to allow me to consider a used Cayman.

I wouldn’t have stopped by Porsche if the guy selling the beat C5 Z06 would have responded to my interest in his ad. I’m really more interested in this and more willing than ever to upset my wife and get an additional, toy car rather than a replacement for my GTI, which is what a Cayman would be. The more I think about it, the less that I want a Cayman.


Oh then I watched my friend work on his ‘98 Boxster with 150k miles, and took a couple of fun test drives.

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