Part 2- America's Cheapest Range Rover Update.

Last time I left you guys, I’d just completed a 600 mile trip in the cheapest Range Rover I’ve ever seen, let alone bought. Who says nice things need to be expensive? Because they’re right and keeping a Range Rover “nice” is spendy...

Good thing I seldomly overvalue material items I pay almost nothing for. Case in point, I drive my new $28k Impala much more carefully than this $3000 Range Rover. Could be because cosmetically the cheapest Range Rover in America earned its name. After the new toy feeling wore off I couldn’t help but notice all the blemishes on this former 100k SUV. Old Rangy has had a rough life.

Paint fading by throwing a tarp over it
Flip down screen modification made worse in magnitudes by my terrible over confidence in being able to fix electronics

While mechanically the Range Rover runs great and is fun to drive, and cosmetically usually people don’t notice the battle scars, I’ve noticed in my neighborhood filled with Porsches Lexus and Audis people give poor Rangy the stink eye. It isn’t enough to have a running Range Rover, it needs to look good too, (I guess).


I don’t plan on using this Range Rover for anything other than driving on rough country roads to my parents property, up MT. Hood through the snow for boarding trips, camping and towing other cars, so I never cared so much about how it looks as long as it was comfortable and mechanically sound.

So I decided to tally up all the cosmetic work that has been and will be done in the near future and you guys can tell me if its worth it or not (I honestly don’t care).


Touch Up Paint : $950

Respray entire SUV : $2000

Fix Drop Down Screen and PlayStation hookup : $250

Upholstery : $200

New tires : $1300

New 20" Rims + Tires (because I found out too late 20" tires are cheaper than 19"): $1600.


Authentic Range Rover Wiper Blades: $68

I think I’m just going to go with the paint touch up because I’m sure it’ll have some more scratches after I take it into the woods. Not sure what to do with the rims and tires seeing how I already dropped $1300 on new tires alone. The thing that freaked me out a little was going to various auto stores for wiperblades buying at least 4 different sets that didn’t fit and finally acquiescing to the the dealership to buy the authentic blades. (Driving in the Pacific Northwest without good wiper blades is suicide.) The nice guy in the parts shop confirmed that Range Rover wiper blades are only purchasable through the dealer. I can only wonder what other esoteric parts can only be bought through the dealership.


The good news though is I’m 4k miles in and this Range Rover runs like a gazelle, graceful under smooth yet powerful acceleration. And even though this gazelle has lion scratches, she still beautiful to ride in off and on the road.

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