(Part 2) Sup bro! I heard you're are into cars?

Illustration for article titled (Part 2) Sup bro! I heard youre are into cars?

So let me ask ya something right quick Dawg!....

What is the most expensive car out there bro?

What’s faster, a Ferrari or a Lambo?

What cost more, a Lambo or a Pagani?

What’s faster a Pagani or a Bugatti?

Did you see the new Bronco they’re coming out with?

What would you rather get, a Mercedes or a BMW?

How do I get those bright blue high beams on my car?

What kind of fuel do they use in F1? Like, what formula is it?

Oh ok.... so what’s faster a F1 or a NASCAR?

What kind of Ferrari is THIS ?

LOL why the fuck would you want a station wagon bro?

What’s faster a Ferrari or a Mustang?

Who makes Teslas?

How much horsepower does a Ferrari have?

What’s the fastest car right now?

How much do Lambos cost?

....... *ded*

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