Hey there Oppo! It’s time for part 6 of this very, very, very long overview. So as the title says, we have the Japanese luxury brands Acura and Lexus. I think both of these brand had decent showings at the show, but I only took pictures of the cars I thought were the most interesting. Anyway, here’s part 6 and I hope you like it!

First up-and really the only thing for Acura-the mighty Acura NSX! I personally have hated the beak styling on most new Acuras, but with the NSX it just works, maybe because it’s minimal. The wheel and color combination on this show car is excellent, and if I could actually afford one, I would get this combo or blue with those wheels.

Also, the second picture was supposed to highlight the fact that the NSX won R&T’s Performance Car of the Year, which is very well deserved, especially considering it went up against great cars such as the Corvette Grand Sport and the Lotus Evora 400.


But that’s not all Acura had-they brought this sweet NSX GT3 that I honestly really love. Now if only the NSX GT3s from the Rolex 24 could come to the next show...and this is where my pictures begin to get Kinja’d a little.

Now we finally have Lexus, which truly has some of the most...unique styling in the automotive industry. And quite possibly the best current example of that (simply because it looks the best I think) is the Lexus LC. I really hope they make an F variant of this car, otherwise it’s no true competitor to the Mercedes-Benzes and AMGs. Also I really can’t explain why that picture is cut in half, but I can’t get it to go normally, but yeah, the Kinja’dness continues.


Next we have the Lexus GS F. Personally, I really do like this car. I like it a lot. It’s like the cheaper and not as fast version of the German sports sedans. But then there’s the Cadillac CTS-V....and this has Lexus styling. If it was more...relaxed, I would consider if I had the budget.


And finally, we have the RC F. I honestly really love this car, I kinda think of it as a weird Japanese muscle car trying to be luxurious (which it is indeed). But there’s just one problem: I CAN”T DEAL WITH THOSE HEADLIGHTS. I’m sorry RC F, I still love you.

So that’s it for Part 6! I’m sorry again for the shaky photography, but I’ll take what I can get. Part 7 will begin European models, and we’ll end with the Big 3 (each in separate posts of course). Thanks Oppo! Hope you’ve enjoyed it!