While looking fervently for a C30 Polestar 6 MT I came across this 2015 3 sport hatch. The color is exactly what I was looking for, 6 speed, 2.0L so better mileage, cloth interior, and some sort of cool wheels added.

They low balled me on my 1 series for trade in, but after I got it detailed and put summer tires on it they gave me $1200 more for it and took $800 off the sticker price of the car. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with my local Mazda dealer, especially the sales guy Chuck. Anyone in the western NY area looking for a Mazda should hit me up for his contact info.

Brought it home Saturday to meet the rest of the gang. (Miatii not pictured) Anyone know what the wheels on it are off of? They are plasti-dipped the current color. I’m thinking of stripping them and going black with either good enamel or dip. I’m bout 400 miles into ownership (just kicked the included full tank of premium) and couldn’t be happier with my purchase.