Parting is a hard thing...

This isn’t the car I’m parting with. I had to go separate ways from Ye Olde Royal Knight years ago, commuting 60-70 miles a day as a college student, the old car just wasn’t feasible. I just thought you’d enjoy these pictures from my station in NC.


Alas, it is my dear, sweet, Hiro Protagonist I must part ways with.

OK... Must is too strong a word. I don’t have to. I can continue to enjoy the hell out of this car, and keep making payments, and life will go on just fine.

However, 2 months ago a wee baby boyo came into my life, the better 3/4s quit her job, and we ran out of comfortable, extra budget space. It doesn’t help that this is the first car I’ve ever had to make payments on in 19 years of driving, and I can’t stand it. Growing up a kid to whom “clean title” meant the possibility of a good deal, not having the title in hand bugs the shit out of me. We could keep on as we have been and nothing would be problematic. But, just keeping on and just covering the bills isn’t how we want to roll.


We have some beer related opportunities at present as well as various small business ideas that we’d like to expand on, and with little discretionary spending available, it just doesn’t make sense to try them. Drop the Rex payment, use the proceeds to pay off her Outback, lower the insurance bill... hell, that’s another house payment money.

So, I’m going to list him. The first car I’ve ever really been proud of driving. I’ve already been looking at deals in my locality that would get me A2B. Went and looked at an ‘03 Baja last night that ticked a lot of boxes: Could be bought in cash once Hiro is sold, 3 pedals, still a Subie, decent utility. Head gaskets were going, (seller had never heard of that happening!) the thing had obviously taken at least a deer to the front as evidenced by the condenser core and baling wired components, and the clutch had about 75% travel before any engagement started. For $7k!


Today was a look at a 2005 Turbo Fozzie for 4 kilobucks that’d been given a HG/Turbo job after an overboost event that tried to blow the heads off, which they were very upfront about. But I’m just not feeling that one. Too many gremlins. 10 minute drive oil drips, overflow jug was oddly empty, power steering pump sounded like a cat in heat, no driver’s window motor, passenger window was half jammed and the sunroof flipped me off when I pressed the button.

Yay used car shopping. How much I didn’t miss you.

I’ve got to put a set of shoes on the WRX, since 30K miles with a lead foot hasn’t been kind to the rubber, but that needs done regardless. I’ve already done an estimate with the Subie dealership locally for a buy back, so I know my minimum price. I’ll be throwing it up on CL after the new wheelmeat and a detailing job.


The family member’s I’ve talked to all respond with “I thought you love that car.” And I do. But I love my family much more, and I’m ready get out of this working-for-someone-else world. Reducing our car payments is a sensible start.


Also, I have to tell them to trust me:
I’ll be buying one again.

In cash next time.

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