Well Oppo, the time has come for me to offload my first enthusiast car.

I got her back in 2001 when she was a mere decade old with a scant 107,000 miles. She served me well for the next decade, through college and into my first big-boy job. Eventually I picked up motorcycling and an old Volvo and she just sort of sat. Collecting dust, fading away in the desert sunlight.

But, I'm not going to sit on her and let her crumble to dust. Time to pass her on to the next generation of car nerds. Yes, she'll probably be sporting rattle can black within a month. Yes, she probably won't last two years before getting drifted into the curb down at the Jack In The Box, but it's a more dignified life than sitting in a driveway until she's of no use to anyone.


Alright, sob story done. The car is a bone-stock 1992 Nissan 240sx I bought back in 2001. It was my gateway to wrenching - where I learned basic (and less basic) maintenance and repair. 217,000 miles and the motor is still running strong, interior is what I'd describe as "somewhere north of average," and the paint has faded to a nice pink.

It seems tough to pin a price on these cars - perusing Craigslist makes me feel a lot of owners are overvaluing their heaps. Now after many good years of teaching me to wrench, she's gonna teach me how to deal with people on Craigslist. Mostly I think she'll teach me how to make snarky replies to folks whose best offer is "What's the least you'll take?" Wish me luck.