*Insert a photo of a claymore mine here...my work computer won’t let me*

So BMW let me know that my parts for my E92 M3 for the airbags are in. Maybe for the AC blower motor too?

What are they going to do my car? Are they going to just replace the steering wheel? Only the vinyl part? Remove my entire dash to replace the passenger bag too?


I am curious what will change on my car or if they will have it for like a week.

Also, thanks for being excellent. I made the mistake of discussing a topic on the Front Page about a recent repair I made on the M3 and a dozen folks told me their buddy Cletus could’ve fixed it faster, better and cheaper as well as keeping it to Warranty specs...sigh...one even said they didn’t believe that part would cost that much as they replaced the transmission in a Dodge Caravan for cheaper. Erm...le sigh...

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