So I guess everyone knows, the Solstice is a parts bin car, pretty much built with whatever GM can find off the shelf or ordered too many that week.

Some of the parts used:

  • Overall structural design is a shrunken Y-Body with a Cadillac CTS Sigma rear end
  • Engine, wheel bearings came from the Chevy Malibu
  • Transmission came from a Chevrolet Colorado
  • Body accessories came from the Fiat Barchetta (mirrors), Opel Corsa (seat frames), Chevrolet Cobalt (door handles, steering wheel, radio), Hummer H3 (air conditioning controls), Saab (forgot which model, but it was the cup holders), Pontiac Grand Prix (turn signals and fogs), GMC Envoy (reverse lights)

So I thought, this might make a good challenge for Oppo: if you were a car company executive designer, and was tasked at building a car as timely as possible using off the shelf parts only for an occasion, say an anniversary special for enthusiasts, how would you build one and what parts/components/platform would you use?

Only rule here is, you can pick one manufacturer (because you work for one employer), but can ONLY use parts from their existing cars (because the beancounters don’t want you working on this), and the design must be “sensible” (because you want it to be a viable product), i.e. no shoving Hellcat engines in Fiat 500s, which obviously won’t fit and no way to make the suspension able to handle it.


Get creative, Oppo....