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Parts Cannon: Salvo 1

I fired the parts cannon at the 240 this morning. Ordered everything I need to do a timing belt, water pump, ignition system, and got some coil springs to return it to stock ride height. I will eventually re-lower it but I think it will be much easier to move around and work on at stock height, and when I re-lower it I will evaluate how the current lowering was done (jankily) and do it correctly, possibly with coilovers, possibly attached to a Ford 8.8" rear. With an LSD. Because reasons.

While I’m thinking of it, I know some of you run YouTube channels. Any advice? I’ve been kind of kicking around the idea of starting a channel about my adventures with this Volvo. My wife always says I should be a teacher, and with my engineering background and experience, I think maybe I could teach some people some stuff. I already have some ideas about what I want to focus on. I guess my main questions are what do I need to get started (cameras, gear, software, etc.) and what’s involved on the back end? I know nothing about video editing and if I’m being honest the thought doesn’t thrill me. I’m sure I could slog through it, but I don’t want it to turn into a thing where 10% of my time is actually doing car work and 90% of my time is shooting/re-shooting and editing. Should this be a sign that maybe this isn’t for me and that I’m not destined to be the next YouTube car star?


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