Parts Car Goes Dashless

Yanked the dash the other day. Went pretty smooth. A few hidden fasteners, some surprise wiring, but pretty smooth nonetheless.


The main reason for pulling the dash, bedsides selling off parts I don’t need, is to save the parts I DO need. Namely the HVAC ducts. I have a heater & A/C box out of another car that I bought many years ago, and a dash (both things my roller project came without) but was lacking all the little bits to put it all in someday, and half of the ducting that’s always broken or missing on these cars. This way I have the know-how. And the bits and pieces.

While I was crawling around carefully in there I also pulled the package tray and rear speakers, which were VERY original.


Oh and that radio that I need to do some testing on. It powered on in the car, but would only pop and crackle through the speakers. If I am going to try and get a couple bucks for it I have to make sure it works.


Everything is SO 70'S in this car it’s hilariously nostalgic, even though I wasn’t alive back then.


10 Oppo Points to whoever remembers what those are for ^

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