Fortunately, as other media outlets focus on a dead lion, CNN has kept reporting on the search for the wreckage of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. This morning, aircraft parts were found onshore the French Island in the far-western Indian Ocean. Investigators have not confirmed the parts are from the missing flight, but the parts will be covered in serial numbers, and there are only so many missing Boeing 777 air frames. Expect a confirmation shortly.

Interestingly, the location of the wreckage may give the French BEA authority over the MH370 investigation. The ICAO gives the nation where the accident occurred the right of first refusal to conduct the investigation, and every part located so far was found in France. Furthermore, unlike most other nations, France treats aircraft accidents as criminal investigations. With the leading theory behind the accident being pilot murder-suicide, as with the Germanwings Fight 9525 that also crashed in France, this case could become even weirder.