Parts have arrived

But this time not for the jag, this paycheck was dedicated to the alfa (ok the mini may have seen the majority of the money but still.)

Yep in all my years of owning the alfa not once have I done a proper tune up on the ignition system, seriously the plugs and wires were the old ones from the jag’s factory six cylinder, I figured now is the time since I’ve started having an issue with it missing under load. So with my wallet $114 lighter I received a new set of plugs and wires, one point (because four cylinder) condenser, and a cap and rotor.


I ended up installing everything but the point(s) because it’s a royal pain to get to on this distributor. The miss is still there but less prevalent but the engine definitely idles smoother and revs a bit cleaner than before. I’m thinking the condenser went bad and fried the points so once I change the points all should be well.

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