Two huge problems with my VR-4 are going to be fixed, hopefully by the end of the month. Namely a clutch that slips under more than half throttle, and a turbo take doesn’t like to hold oil.

So I just ordered a Mitsubishi TDO5H 14b rebuild it, and Exedy OEM replacement clutch. You’re probably wondering ”why not get a bigger turbo, and upgrade your clutch?” One word, Money. The next stage up clutch would have been 350 bucks rather than 125, and all the upgrades that go along with upgrading the turbo were enough that I gave up on trying to figure out how much it would cost. While the rebuild kit was 150 bucks shipped. Plus I’m honestly happy with the power the car makes now. It’s still the most exciting car I’ve ever had.

These two repairs will be the most in depth automotive repairs I’ve even done. Close second being replacing the timing belt on the same car. but I’m very much looking forward to having a car with a brand new clutch, and one that keeps its oil rather than leaking it. And maybe in the future getting a little more than 12psi on my boost gauge.