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Parts replaced so far

Went in for an oil change and came out with a list of recommended replacements. Wallet is screaming, may be going on life support shortly. I think I’ve reached the point where I’ve spent almost the price of the car itself...

Made me think of everything replaced so far:

Passenger engine mount (x2)


Lower engine mount

Hood shocks

Hatch shocks

Oil cap

Power steering reservoir seal

Intercooler boot


AC compressor

Crank sensor seal

Oil pan gasket

Valve cover gasket (x2)

Driver CV boot

Oil pressure sender

Passenger axle

Front shocks

Rear shocks

Rear shock tops

Accessory belt tensioner

Belt idler

Crank pulley

Front crank pulley seal

Vanity mirror cover

Wheels and tires

Not to mention all the other stuff I willingly decided to do:






Turn signals

Rear sway bar

Control arm bushings

Lower engine mount bushing


Sunroof blockers

Camber tops

Strut tower defenders

Weather mats

Car rescue (jump pack, tire inflator, tire sealant)

Just venting I suppose. Love hate is especially strong with this car and I haven’t even had the more expensive repairs come up like supercharger service, clutch replacement, front end refresh, or brake replacement.


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