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Parts table is getting pretty crowded

After about 3 months of buying parts, I finally have everything for my little big turbo install. I’m putting a turbo made by Corksport that’s based on a Mitsubishi 18g modified to bolt right into my Mazdaspeed3. I finally have everything I need for it.

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The list:

  • Corksport electronic boost control solenoid (improve spooling and better support for >21 psi boost)
  • Bosh 3 bar map sensor (to support >21 psi boost)
  • Corksport 3.5” intake
  • Corksport turbo (basically a Mitsibishi 18g chra in a td05 housing made to fit the stock exhaust housing of my car)
  • eBay downpipe
  • Turbo oil in/out gaskets
  • All the hardware and hoses to make it all work

I”m going to tune it on 93 octane pump gas, these cars get a little weird when running different mixtures of e85 and full e has just only recently been made a more viable option on these cars, but I don’t really want to mess with it and the problems that can come with it. A lot of guys see their high pressure fuel pumps getting gummed up and it kills the gas gauge on the gen2 speed3’s. I already have all of the supporting mods, and will be replacing a couple things like the Cobb turbo inlet pipe and intake I already have. With these mods, I’m guessing I”ll be at anywhere from 340-360 whp. Right now, I’d say it makes 280-290whp on a good day on 21 psi. The stock block is pretty good up until you start getting over 400wtq, so I’m definitely going to keep the tune safe in that area.


inb4 torque steer/fwdlolol

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