Doug E FreshMuro questions the cost of automobile bits and bobs a lot, and his last video got me thinking “SO DO I”. Probably because I’ve been a Parts Manager at a car dealer for the past 15 years.

So when he questioned the cost of the Carrera GT’s special center locking hub nut socket, I tried to find it, but could find no online retailer. Obviously I didn’t try hard enough, as a quick GIS for today’s little post here netted this result:…



I’d hate to take my CGT into Jiffy Lube for an oil change and rotate and have them lose it.


But the REAL reason I made this post today is I just looked up a OEM Dodge Chally rear differential of 2013 vintage, and was shocked by the list price.

Now its a V6, not a limited slip rear, and based off an old Mercedes design, so it should be cheap, right (Tavarish)?

Guess the price below, because I am bored. Or Google it and find some dealer shilling parts online for 10% over cost so they make very little profit margin, but get big big kickbacks from Mom Mopar in the way of “Purchase Discounts” and “Return Accrual”.