custom "matchbox"ing! what?! that's a cool thing to do!!! ok... the wife is out of town, and the kids are in bed, so more model car modifying.

The black Civic replaced it ugly chrome wheels with some bronze ones donated by a Subaru model

And the much larger model I was given for Secret Senna this past Christmas is getting it's chrome wheels painted, but really it just looks like I parked her in a bad neighborhood.


So last week's work I am looking at as a trial run…

so I am stripping down another of the ugly riced out gold civic for painting tomorrow, paint all stripped off.


And, who doesn't like an overall shot, peep my rad 1/64 collection :D

clockwise: 300zx Matchbox with giant blower motor through the hood, a mod I did decades ago. Sunburner Matchbox with blue "painted" black with permenant pen, kid me REALLY knew how to do things. Cobra Matchbox, special edition with rubber tyres and all. Bugeye Impreza rally car, another oppo gift. Bugeye AutoArt. Revell Integra. AutoArt S2000. Revell Civic, 4 times, the gold one pictured is the one that is now stripped of its paint. And in the back, Matchbox P51 and P38.


looks like potato-cam will need to be replaced for SLR when I DAZZLE you with my finished pics, I can sense oppo's eagerness