Driving through Europe I noticed oncoming traffic flashing their high beams. At first I thought "wtf are these guys doing?" Then a couple of miles down the road I approached a cop car hiding on the side of the road running radar at which point I clued in that the drivers were flashing their high beams to warn other drivers of the impeding danger of a speeding ticket ahead.

Living in Canada I hardly ever see anyone flashing their high beams to warn other drivers of cops running radar. I find this a bit disappointing since we have thousands of miles of highways, ridiculously low speed limits and high traffic fines.

I propose we as Opponauts kick off a campaign in North America to flash other drivers.

Also, I should mention that I am not advocating breaking the law by speeding. Just leveling the playing field especially when many speed traps are setup in places where drivers expect the speed to be higher and/or the speed signs aren't easily visible.