For those in the United States, does anyone know for sure (i.e. can demonstrate) that their state does not allow passing on the right on the highway? I know for a fact that it is explicitly legal in the my state, and the laws I’ve read from a couple other states, including California and Texas, include the same permission with near-identical wording. Yet front page commenters, being front page commenters, have essentially adopted the idea that “Passing on the right is illegal, and even if it isn’t it might as well be because it’s so reckless and dangerous.” Personally, given the context of other U.S. driving laws, I see no problem with passing on the right. On the stretch of I-80 I drive frequently between Omaha and Lincoln, the center and left lanes are constantly clogged with morons who have no lane discipline. On bad days, 80% of the passing I do on that one hour drive is in the rightmost of 3 lanes, out of necessity.

People are forever telling me that high-beam flashing (something which I try to avoid but will do when I have to) is stupid and aggressive. Then they say that I’m not allowed to pass on the right, because that makes me a menace. This may not be an issue in Germany, where lane discipline is a thing, but in the U.S., if you never passed on the right, every left lane hog in the land would bring traffic to a crawl. Furthermore, I firmly believe that, in cases like this, it is the sole responsibility of the driver changing lanes to ensure it is safe to do so & avoid a crash, regardless of which side somebody is passing on. Once again, the law agrees with me in every instance I have been able to find thus far, but if anyone has evidence indicating otherwise I’d be interested to see it. Until then, I shall continue to hold the (apparently legally-backed) position that passing on the right is not something worthy of admonishment when done with the same sort of due caution one should always be exercising behind the wheel.

EDIT: This MIT page, shared with me by a commenter, has organized the laws in every state. If you click on the links to the actual laws for the states listed as having restrictions on “passing on the right”, it would seem most of them make an exception for divided highways or roads with 2 or more lanes in each direction. I take this to mean that they are tying to prevent overtaking on the right shoulder. Still, that’s not nothing, so I stand corrected, if only slightly.