Scenario: going down a two way street with on street parking. Pedestrian at far crosswalk, walk sign blinks. I stop in middle of intersection to let pedestrian cross. Big black tahoe pulls right around me to go buy, then has to stop to let pedestrian cross. I’m guessing he thought I was turning left considering I was in the middle of my lane and did not have my fully functional turn indicator indicating for any type of turn.

People do shit like this all the time in my town, I think it is very dangerous and maybe illegal, since there no second lane.

I’ve also seen this when there are two cars turning left against each other, the offending passer would presumably collide with the left turner who would not be expecting a car coming around another car since there is only one driving lane.


Rant over.

Point for infractions:

2 Right of way violation - failure to yield to pedestrian

2 Overtaking vehicle stopped at crosswalk


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