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After witnessing the parking traits and habits of the Goldwing GL1800 (Goldum Wingus) in mixed conditions, I think I have figured it out.


The lack of lines really throws people off.

Annotated for educational purposes. Lines and text are not present (yet)
  • If he is is the first one there, he will park like the above diagram, perfectly straddling two spots.
  • If he is not the first one there, and is presented with two spaces next to each other with meters on both sides, (for example: spaces 6&7) he will park like the above diagram.
  • If he is not the first one there, and is presented with two spaces with a meter in the center, (ie: spaces 7&8) he gets it right.
  • If he is presented with only a single spot, he gets it right.

Because of these observed behaviors of Goldum Wingus, I have come to the conclusion that he just can’t visualize these spots when presented with just the open curb and meters.


I hope this note helps.

As with all other Trike Parking* episodes, I wish I could run into him so I could clue him in in person, I don’t know where he works or what times he leaves every day.


*I realize that’s not a trike, but that’s the tag I started using.

April 19 update: He got the note today.

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