past tense buying advice

so I bought a thing but during the test drive this convo happened:

  • monkee: yeah, I think the A/C is dead, it’s certainly not getting cool
  • seller: nah, it’s fine, it’s working, see *waves hand around*
  • monkee: umm, it’s the same temp whether the A/C is on or off...

I argued him down a small amount as I could see all the components were there it was likely a leak or some such thing, and lo and behold what do I find on receipt lost inside the car?

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labor declined... :(

I guess I at least know where to start on the problem :D

so I guess the buying advice is, if they give you a folder of receipts give ‘em a look through before negotiating, and if you don’t have a folder check throughout the car and maybe a receipt will be lost within.

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