I have a set of vintage Recaro mesh heads in my GTV6. Fairly common seats for 80s imports, although the pattern is unique to Alfa Romeo. The driver's seat is pretty shabby, with a disintegrating outer bolster and several split seams, along with other rips, tears and cracks. As you'd expect with 30+ year old vinyl.

Do any of you guys have thoughts about the best AND most economical approach to fixing it up? There is a source for brand new custom made leather front covers, but they're about $600 plus installation. Their reputation for quality is not stellar, however.

I have no doubt going full custom would be well over $1,000. This is not a show car. It's strictly "good enough."

My seats are a spectacular shade of blue, so I don't know if patching the bad panels in the driver's seat would be possible. The passenger's seat is OK, with only a couple of minor rips that could probably be repaired with off-the-shelf products. If that's possible...

Any thoughts?