I am working on rust repair on Project Colony Ship, however it is being slowed by my house painting project and a lot of rain.

The weld seam is a bit warped, but the worst will hide under the trim.

I did make a version 2 left quarter patch panel and got that, the main inner panel, and one end cap piece welded in last night. The inner welding isn’t pretty as the angles all suck, but it is solid. All total i set myself on fire once and the car twice (solvent from not completely dry primer).


The goal with the inner pieces is to eliminate the usual places dirt/water collects. I hope to make it solid enough that some seam sealer and epoxy primer will end the rot problems here (I’m at least the 2nd person to fix rot here on this car)

I need to drill holes for the filler panel bolts, then cap off the rear opening and i can move on to the other side.

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